General provisions

An application is binding for the exhibitor until it has been accepted or refused by Nolia. A binding contract is entered into on the date a confirmation of an order or booking is sent to the exhibitor.

The exhibitor has the right to cancel the contract but must do so in writing and within 14 days of the first received order confirmation (date of posting).

In case of later cancellation the exhibitor will be charged 100% (one hundred per cent) of the stand rental unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation or invoice.  

Application fees and basic fees are never repaid.

Terms of payment
The cost of rental and any booked advertisement is to be paid to Nolia 2 months at the latest before the fair opens or on another due date set by Nolia. In case of late booking, the invoice is to be paid before the fair opens. Nolia does not accept cash as payment of invoices. Payment by card is accepted but a charge of SEK 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) is made in such cases.

All other orders are invoiced at payment terms of 30 days. An invoicing fee is charged on each invoicing occasion. If the invoice is not paid in time, a reminder is sent and a statutory reminder fee is charged. Unpaid invoices are transferred to Svea Inkasso, who will charge interest and other additional fees. 

Terms of booking for e-tickets, visitors
A booking is binding but may be transferred to another person before the visitor is registered for arrival. 
In case of refund due to illness, a doctor’s certificated and a booking number are required. The purchaser is charged a fee equivalent to the card charges for the refund.

Breach of contract
Should the exhibitor breach the terms of the contract and rectification is not made immediately when so requested by Nolia, the exhibitor may with immediate effect be denied participation at the fair in question or future fairs. The agreed stand rental, advertisement and stand service are to be paid nonetheless.

All of Nolia AB's general provisions is included in this pdf (download).